Director's Message

Gene Coppola
Gene Coppola

 “Did You Know…” 

Over the years, I have talked about the many free services your Palm Harbor Library has to offer. They are the ones you have come to expect within the hallowed halls of today’s public library; books, computers, magazines, DVD’s, children’s activities, music CD’s, Wi-Fi, etc. But surprisingly (perhaps not), we offer unique services you may not realize we have, some of which are only available here in Palm Harbor.

Libraries have gone through and are still experiencing a revolution of sorts. That quaint little non-descript building on the corner that seemed passive by nature is now a fully dynamic, culturally infused  learning destination providing resources and tools to support a 21st century world. In essence, we are one of your community anchors for education and recreation. .

So I pose the question, did you know your library provides: 

  • Downloadable eBooks

  • Free Meeting Space – for local nonprofit groups

  • Delivery Service

  •  The Hazel L. Incantalupo Makerspace - A space where children can create their own works of art

  • Infant, Toddler & Adult Sign Language

  • A Lending Library Machine - Similar to a candy dispensing machine, it is located outside the front entrance of the library where it offers bestselling books and DVDs to community members with a valid library card; available only during hours when the library is closed

  •  The “David & Gail Meltzer Musical Instrument Collection”- Musical instruments that can be loaned to children for 28 days at a time

  •  Yes, Vinyl! Record Albums and turntables for your true audio aficionados

  •  S.T.E.A.M. (Science, technology, electricity/engineering, art, and math) Kits of mixed media boxed for easy check-out

  •  “Toys and Tools to Go”- A collection of adaptive “toys” for children and adults who are physically disabled and/or mentally delayed

  • A Sewing Machine Program- Five Viking machines for personal use, classes provided and a community closet of free clothing material for those in need

  •  A collaborative work station area where five individuals with their laptops can share their work on two large flat screen TV’s

  •  New “Library Hub Space” for informal discussions and gatherings

  • Volunteer opportunities beyond shelving: check-out desk, technical services, book store, computer teen geek squads, literacy services, genealogy services, library boards, etc. 

And we’re not done yet! Coming July 5th, we will be unveiling our brand new mobile kitchen program called, “Let Us Cook!” (Sound it out as your favorite green leaf vegetable) that will include a nearly complete portable cooking/baking operation for adult and children. Keep your eyes open for that one! Also, don’t be surprised when you visit this fall, you just might find…more study rooms and a new multi-purpose room!

Libraries have moved on with the world and have played a part in shaping it. They have evolved, embraced and energized services and have stayed ahead of irrelevancy. At the same time they still retain some of those wonderful traditions such as the printed page. The only question remaining is want is the next, “did you know…”?

Come to your library, and find out. 

Gene P. Coppola, Library Director