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Gene Coppola
Gene Coppola

New Artists Selected for the
 “John Brock Art Alcove”
Artist Schedule 2017-2018

A few years back the library unveiled a new section called the “John Brock Art Alcove”. This area is located immediately to your left as you enter the inside sliding glass doors, just across from the “Members Services Desk”.     This area is permanently dedicated to exhibit juried-type art work, enhanced by museum-type fixtures such as spot lighting, art wire hangings, roped-off barriers and bench-seating’s. Selection of artists was conducted through a formal “Call to Artists”. The Selection Committee was comprised of the Curator from the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art and the library’s art liaison.

The following artists will be display their artwork this coming year: 

  • Jan – Feb 2017:  Janice Carnegie Rush (Silk Paintings)
    Janice Carnegie Rush uses her graphic design skills to create striking silk paintings utilizing a mix of traditional and custom made techniques.
  • March – April 2017:  Scott Roselth (Photography)
    Scott Roselth’s nature photographs are moving in their composition and execution; his images of light and clouds are captured at just the right moment.
  • May – June 2017:  Gina Munoz-Bryant (Collage)
    Gina Munoz-Bryant composes intricate collages inspired by art, literature, and folklore in order to allow her modern audience to reengage with these works in a relevant way.
  • July – Aug. 2017:  Brandy Stark (Wire Sculptures)
    Brandy Stark’s wire sculptures of fantastical creatures incorporate found objects and are meticulously hand-twisted and sewn together to remind viewers of life’s interconnectedness.
  • Sept. – Oct. 2017:  Vanessa Montenegro (Pastel Drawings)
    Vanessa Montenegro uses soft pastels to capture color, light, and movement through bold strokes and vibrant colors that depict the beauty and energy of Florida.
  • Nov. – Dec. 2017: Mitchell Lowenstein (Pottery)
    Mitchell Lowenstein works to produce graceful ceramic forms that are pleasing both to the eye and the hands; his crystalline-glaze technique adds uniqueness to the finished product.
  • Jan. – Feb. 2018:  Debra Raskin (Photography)
    Debra Raskin’s photographs are expertly shot at just the right moments, showing off the joy and humor of her animal subjects.


Gene P. Coppola, Library Director