Event Puzzle

Guidelines For Online Registration

  1. Programs that require registration may be completed online, by phone to the appropriate department (adult or youth services), or in person.

  2. Programs that require registration are designated on the library’s online calendar by underlining. Clicking on the title will give further information and registration dates.

  3. Some programs have prerequisites that limit registration (e.g. age-eligibility).

  4. No online registrations are permitted prior to the “start date” indicated in the program’s      description.

  5. For help with the online registrations, please call the library.

  6. Please let us know in advance if you require special accommodations due to a disability.

  7. Every effort will be made to contact registrants in the event a program is cancelled or postponed.

  8. Registrants are urged to cancel if they are unable to attend a program.

  9. Program dates and times are subject to change.