Palm Harbor Library & Plan C Landscape

Palm Harbor Library Landscape Design Plan C -

The library has begun a new partnership with a local, non-profit, ecological design landscaping organization called "Plan C Initiative". Its purpose is to empower communities to landscape yards, common-areas, and public areas, so as to support people and wildlife. The library grounds are one of the best possible frameworks to achieve this for many reasons:

1) It is a public space visited by thousands of community members every year.
2) It is a place where people come expecting to find resources and to learn.
3) It provides great outdoor and indoor demonstration possibilities within an urban setting, to give people the tools they need to apply their knowledge at home.

The ultimate goal is to design and re-landscape all the areas surrounding the library building. The design for each of these areas will showcase different plant communities, and will work with many of the plants that already exist on site, as well as with the character of the building and that of the land that surrounds the library. The one thing in common is that each of these areas will be landscaped with a mixture of native and edible plants in such a way that facilitates exploration, and will include signage that describes the plants and their functions.

This entire program will be done in several phases over the next year+ beginning on the north side by the outdoor sculpture and halfway along the west side (Riviere Rd.) up to the front entrance of the building.

The first phase was done the weekend of December 5-6, 2009 with the help of community members such as yourself. These wonderful volunteers planted, mulched and created pine straw pathways. The next phase will complete the west side and the south-east side of the building. The latter area is located south of the book drive. It is here, in addition to the new plantings that a reading garden will be installed.

I think we did a good job renovating the inside of the library in 2008. I also think you’ll be pleased with the outside when we’re done in 2010. Either way, it’s your library. Enjoy it!